Relaunch of Celtic Poets in North America

In the summer of 2013 — just over a year ago — I was working on a project to collect information about Celtic-language poets of North America. This project – Celtic Poets of North America – required creating a database of information about these poets and their work, creating graphical representations of this information, and creating the software platform that would enable all of this to work. (I have three or four blog posts about this project, such as this one.)

For nearly a year now I’ve had the privilege of working in the Digital Innovation Lab at the University of North Carolina developing a Digital Humanities platform called DHPress, which has effectively replaced and surpassed the system I was then developing. Now that this platform is stable and well developed, I’ve begun to migrate my Celtic Poets of North America project to it. You can see the initial framework at this URL.

As the CPNA online exhibit is self-documenting, I will not go into further detail about it here. I will only add that if you have information that you’d like to add to it – biographical information about a poet (the “metadata” described on this page), an edition of a poem (for this section), or an essay about poets or poetry (for this section) – I will certainly entertain contributions.

I will further develop the CPNA exhibit as time allows. As I’m dividing my “free time” (what is left after work at the DIL and fatherhood) between CPNA and the anthology of Canadian Gaelic literature I am editing (Seanchaidh na Coille / The Memory-Keeper of the Forest), it will come along in fits and starts.


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