Whose land is it anyway?

Michael Newton:

Radical Gaels rising — below is only the first couple of paragraphs — see the original blog for the entire discussion.


Originally posted on The Failed Gael:

An earlier version of this article was published in the Oxford Left Review in Hilary 2014 under the headline Whose Land is it Anyway? — Radical Land Reform in Gaelic Scotland. The magazine ended up themed around Intersectionality so I’m still pretty bewildered they chose to publish my 2500 word rant about Western Isles politics alongside brilliant articles on topics like BDSM and Nelson Mandela’s socialism. I’m not a lawyer, historian or Gaelic scholar, so please accept my apologies for any mistakes – enjoy at your peril!

It was in my last year of primary school I realized I was a socialist and a radical. We were learning about the Highland Clearances – Fuadach nan Gàidheal, the Expulsion of the Gaels – which saw tens of thousands of people forcibly transported overseas or evicted to the overcrowded, rocky coast in the name of economic progress. And then the bombshell:…

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